around here

around here, we are going to bed early & rising early. nights are met with a warm cup of tea, thick blankets & good books. 

around here, we are lingering in the old memories & making new ones. 

around our home, we're anticipating spring with bright yellow grocery store bouquets. 

around here, we're craving simplicity - cleaning out drawers & only keeping what we truly love. 

around here, we're soaking up the sunshine & believing in the greatness of today. 

around our home, we're using up & making do.

around here, we're simmering warm soups with autumn's frozen broccoli. 

around here, we're oh so thankful for what is & what will be.

what are you doing, dreaming, anticipating simmering, & soaking up in your space?


Nicole at Stitch Poetic said...

Such a beautifully written and photographed post. The simple pleasures really are the best sometimes. :-)


ali grace | cookies and grace said...

I love all of the little snapshots of your home. I especially love the open shelves and jars in your kitchen. I'm wanting to make that happen in mine sometime soon!
Around here I'm also eagerly anticipating spring, longing for sunshine, and spending time cleaning out and getting rid of lots of excess in our home. Come on spring!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like life is pretty good around you right now, mostly because you're making the most of things which is always good. I especially love the way you are ending your days.

Also, the organisation of your cupboards - a dream!
Life’s Open Pages

Stephanie said...

I would just like to say that I'm really look forward to your posts. I've been a long-time lurker on this blog, never really taking the time to comment but you're really an inspiration. There is so much light and love in your posts that it makes me feel cozy just reading them. I don't take enough time to be creative and seeing the crafts around your house makes me wanna do it more often.. so, thanks!

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