my hoosier cabinet remodel

if you know me well, you know i am always scheming up new ideas for house projects. i believe decorating your home is all about making your space work to fit the needs of your family at that specific & unique time. 

i always have a project in the works around these parts. right now i am redecorating our bedroom, collecting my favorite white & black prints for a gallery wall.

for a long while, i had been casually shopping for a china cabinet to fit this wall in-between our walk-in pantry & kitchen. at the time, the space looked like this. it was cute, but it wasn't functional. 

i wanted a place to store my favorite well-used platters, extra utensils, juice glasses & my great grandma's quilts. i also wanted extra storage for linens & candles. 

then walks in the hoosier cabinet of my dreams.

a little beat up & rough around the edges (aren't we all), but it fit the bill & had so much potential.

when i shared the photo above with luke, he was a bit doubtful of my vision. there were about 3,000 pieces to assemble & large pieces of wood were warped with age.

with a can of paint, new hardware & beadboard, we turned this little hoosier cabinet into a functional piece perfect for our space & purpose.

i added mason jars tied with twine to the bottom & filled them with my favorite copper utensils i purchased at the thrift shop for under $5.

i also thrifted pretty white pots & planted a mix of real & fake succulents to add a pop of life to this little corner. 

 there is ample amount of room for my favorite thrifted antique platters & lotus bowls. i love those little juice glasses originally from anthropologie that i thrifted for just under a buck.

i purchased the fun knobs at hobby lobby for just under $2 each (their hardware goes on sale for 50% off quite often!).

i also added one of my favorite plants to the top with a cute little happy flag popping out!

& of course, our planting calendar is nearby to guide us through the seasons.

i absolutely adore this space & it's functionality! now onto the next project...!

what are you scheming up for the next big project in your home? please share!


Angela Davis said...

Wow! You are amazingly creative! It is just beautiful!

Sugar Plum Eats said...

Aww,so lovely. This is pretty much what I'm looking for at the moment. too. Somewhere for linens, pretty glasses and crockery. A lovely addition to your kitchen. X

Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson said...

This is FANTASTIC! I would have had trouble seeing the vision, but you guys did a great job! Love the crisp white and your perfect decorations. Way to go!

Danielle Wagasky said...

It came out beautifully!!

Laura Hager said...

I love this cabinet! It's so cute. I've been looking for something like this to add storage to my new little kitchen and this would be perfect. Off to hunt for the perfect cabinet! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jenny said...

I love the nobs you chose!

lemoineau said...

Oh my word. GIRL. This is insanely beautiful! Love, love, love it!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a china cabinet too but can't seem to find any affordable options. Where did you find yours?

MarkSindone said...

It's wonderful to be able to reuse something like this storage cupboard and turn into something that really reflects your personality and taste I think. Good job on this!

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