birthday calendar - a new favorite organizational tool

like most, i have caught the spring cleaning bug. 

this has resulted in spending my free time cleaning out our linen closets & pantry, recycling & donating whatever we didn't absolutely love or use.

the cleaning bug has also hijacked my organizational systems, throwing out the old & making room for new organizational tools. a couple of months ago, i shared some of my favorite organizational calendars & systems. 

well, friends. i've just added a new one to the list...

a good ol' fashioned birthday calendar!

my birthday calendar is from my dear friends at 1canoe2, but you can even find birthday calendar printables on pinterest.

on one particular sunday afternoon, i sat down with my daily calendar & added all of our favorite people's birthdays & anniversaries to our birthday calendar. 

having a birthday calendar is especially helpful in maintaining a budget & specifically, your giving category. with a quick glance, i am able to adjust our budget according to the amount of birthdays & special events each month!

i also love that i can plan ahead with gift giving & this means no one gets left out.

i hung our sweet little calendar in our mail station by our pantry. it adds a pop of cheer & keeps me organized. win win!

has the spring cleaning bug hit your home? what changes are you making to feel lighter?


Anonymous said...

This is the first year I haved used a perpetual calendar! I love mine. Even took it with me to Dollar Tree and got all the card I need for the year. :-) Having another snow storm in OKC this evening. I am so ready for spring and to do my spring cleaning/organizing!

Holly said...

August 14. Shackletts estrogen. 1993.

Holly said...

Lol! That was supposed to be est. As in ESTABLISHED!

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