weekend sewing

it's a rare gift when i give myself enough time to sew just for me. as my little hobby of stitching turned into a full-time business, i gave up quite a lot of time creating just for the purpose of keeping. i cherish the time spent with my little sewing machine sewing up pillows, quilts & curtains for our home.

last weekend, though, i spent my entire saturday evening sewing little things for our home. 

it was pure bliss.

i picked up that arkansas tea towel at a boutique show last fall with the intention of turning it into a pillow top. it stayed on my fabric shelf collecting dust until last weekend when i finally tackled this forgotten project.

the sweater pillow was also a quick stitch project. you can find erin's tutorial right here. 

i paired the tea towel with a bit of gray polka dot fabric & stuffed it with a thrifted feather down pillow.

before finishing the project, i spent just a few minutes embroidering a little wonky-shaped heart around our town, fayetteville. i absolutely love how this pillow turned out!

i also made a little yellow mini bunting banner for my tobacco basket, a beloved christmas gift from my parents. i left the rough edges, sewed just the top & strung the pieces with gardening twine.

so simple & the happiest touch for this little corner. 

i love a good weekend spent checking off those home project to-do's. i hope you spend just an hour or two this weekend making something special just for you.

what are you sewing up & creating for your home?


Skapt said...

I love this! "Make new pillows for couch" has been on my to do-list for well over a year. You may have just given me the spark I needed ... :) xo Kat

Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson said...

Love these cute and cozy ideas for your home. The tobacco basket - total SCORE! I can't wait to have more time and a cozy place to decorate. Have a fantastic weekend, Natalie!

Karli Jo said...

I have been working on a knit blanket for our couch to snuggle under with my hubby. Also, I have set a goal in 2015 to create 1 painting every month in order to broaden my creative boundaries :) So that may be tackled this weekend!

Madelyn said...

I love that pillow!! I used that same bee fabric you used on bunting to make cloth napkins not too long ago. I am currently working on a lap quilt... I've never sewed a quilt before and it is so hard!!! I enjoy it, but the pattern takes all of my concentration (and it still might be crooked in the end. sigh). Thanks for sharing Natalie! Have a good weekend!

Madelyn said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Natalie. Please, please make some of those buntings for the next shop update! So Cute!! Love Amy Wingate

Sharon said...

also the gold lamp and chair are the bomb.

Jerusalem Greer said...

I am IN LOVE with your Arkansas pillow! I am now inspired to do hunt down my own little Arkansas hankie or towel to make one of these :)

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