adventure: a new series

friends, i am so excited to share with you my new series!

for the rest of the month while we travel throughout europe, i, along with a handful of amazing guest writers, will be sharing our thoughts on ADVENTURE.

i cannot wait to share with you my packing list, how we saved money for our vacation fund, the adventures of many women i admire & so much more!

stay tuned for a month of adventure! xo.


Diana said...

Have fun Natalie!!!

Lindsay Swoboda said...

You are going to have a blast! We traveled across Europe 2 years ago, and it was the trip of a lifetime There's always more to see, but we certainly believe that traveling enriches life like nothing else (except of course maybe the birth of our daughter this year;) cheers to YOU and if you want some fun reading, my blog features our travel/adventure tales from living in Seoul, S. Korea for 2.5 years, Europe trips, Cambodia/Thailand adventures and more! Can't NOT hop on a plane!! There's too much to see!

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