currently, we are...

- savoring quiet moments amidst the flurry of preparing to travel
- harvesting baskets full of broccoli to freeze for the seasons to come
- pickling sugar snap peas & enjoying them with every meal
- making packing lists & checking them twice!
- working overtime to package orders, schedule blog posts & more
- purchasing traveling essentials such as a selfie stick, of course
- cleaning out the fridge & cupboards & enjoying simple dinners from the garden
- awaiting the arrival of our dear friends & farm sitters!
- dreaming of the exciting weeks to come...

what are you currently doing, savoring, eating, harvesting, making?


Unknown said...

Currently I am
- enjoying the beautiful sunshine and glorious flowers here in the north of England.
- agonising over whether to continue my curtain/blind making business or enroll in teacher training
- enjoying my boys scooting everywhere in shorts and eating ice cream in the garden
- looking at the 12 cushion pads on my sofa that are waiting on covers I should be making
- feeling a bit weird after too many coffees after a broken night's sleep
- dreaming of tomorrow, of bigger and better, of more joy and less stuff, of fulfilment, contentment, success and, though contradictory to my dreams, living in the moment.

Anonymous said...

Currently I am....
At work.... reading blogs before getting started for the day! I'd rather be home, knitting, reading, gardening, napping, anything really. LOL

Been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I really enjoy it. Have a fabulous vacation!

Nicolette Gawthrop said...

so excited for you and Luke- tell me if there's a send of party! i'm currently enjoying: alt-j, my little kids, pokemon, vintage indian textiles, window shopping kaufmann mercantile, seth avett and jessica lea mayfield sing elliot, tea, all the clovers.

Kathrine said...

Have fun on your trip!! Wear comfy shoes and bring snacks wherever. Sleep in and spend time wandering. :D

Currently I am harvesting spinach and salad, building a new little greenhouse for our capsicum plants, working towards the final big deadline before summer (I'm a freelance book editor and translator), eating strawberries, drinking coffee and listening to "Fringe Hours" on Audible.

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