baskets of vegetables from the garden

when it gets a little too crazy for comfort, all i need is a big ol' basket of dirty vegetables from the garden. 

can i get an amen?

the garden is my favorite reminder that we've got this, we're taken care of, we can keep moving, we're growing

here are the potatoes we harvested from the garden when luke demonstrated planting way back in march. check out how to plant potatoes here.

it's like magic, y'all.

if baskets of veggies don't perk you up, a fruit crisp should do the trick! my go-to recipe is from skinnytaste

how do you calm the crazy? please share!


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Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

we are in a much slowing growing season than you are, but are finally getting a few veggie from the garden. Last week was so crazy busy with Bible School then driving 2.5 hours away to help my SIL with my nephew's wedding. It was so nice to walk through the garden this morning and pick zucchini, peppers, a few beans, and some onions. Our rhubarb is still going strong as well.

your picture of potatoes made me hungry for some! ours won't be ready til fall

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I love gardening, too, so much joy from working with the earth and seeing the fruits of your labor weeks laters But when life feels really crazy, I love to knit or crochet. The repetitive movements are very soothing. Have a great week!

Paige said...

Just this week my neighbor and I (we share 15 acres) were talking about how farm life is so relaxing. The work that needs to be done is worth every bit of dirt under the nails! It is so rewarding to see what you have planted come to fruition. Love it! I could and do spend hours on the tractor bush hogging. There is something about that slow movement and alone time with yourself and God to bring me such peace!

Jessica said...

LOVE this! I am on my second year of gardening and am sort of addicted. There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than digging up veggies you grew with your own hands. It's sort of magical.

Your farm and garden is absolutely beautiful, btw. So inspiring! :)

Deb aka SilentCrazyStars... said...

Potatoes! YUM!
My generous neighbor gave me varies of tomatoes, oh man.... it was so fresh and delicious!! I love fresh veggies from the garden!
*rubs my belly*!

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