july - the month of home projects.

 the month of home projects.

before leaving for europe, we made a big list of home projects for when we would return home.

now we're settling into july & it's full force ahead finishing projects & fluffing our nest! 

our back patio is in need of new benches & we just acquired a fabulous outdoor table that's craving a bit of spray paint. luke's also building window shutters & flower boxes to give our home that personal touch. we purchased an above ground pool on sale during memorial weekend & at the end of the month, we hope to finally have it ready! 

of course, i love goals so i am excited about what's ahead! i can't wait to update you as we check things off.

do you use the summer to complete home projects? what's planned for your home this summer?



Ali @ Anything You Want said...

I love to use summer as a time to clean out my house, especially those forgotten corners like the basement. Nothing letting getting out the patio furniture to make you realize how crowded your storage spaces really are!

Tashia said...

We had an above ground pool growing up and it was the BEST! I would love to know more about yours once you install it.

Julie said...

Would love to hear about your trip!

Autumn said...

Looks like a long list for this month!! I'm excited to see your posts about your trip too :)
Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn

Skapt said...

We live in a house full of yellowed wood, so my goal this summer is to start painting the wood to make it brighter and whiter. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, and something tells me ignorance is bliss. :D Excited to see results though!

Lindsay Swoboda said...

We live in Hawaii, so our summer is all year;) however I make goals every month to keep our Lil family and my creative side afloat!

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