our home is tiny, but our welcome is big.

it feels so good to be living in our home again. 

i spent a bit of time this past weekend fluffing little corners, shopping around our home & adding one big piece (the hutch of my dreams!) from an estate sale. 

in just five days, the canning gals will be joining me at our farm for the canning workshop! i am all kinds of nervous & excited. it's easy to start nitpicking every flaw of our home when expecting such lovely guests, but i am challenging myself to seek joy rather than discontentment in our quaint space.

our home is tiny, but our welcome is big. 

and of course, a little bit of real life for you... xo.


sarah and craig said...

"Love grows best in little houses." 💗 What beautiful little stories you have captured in these photos of your home. Thank you for sharing them.

LeeH said...

Please don't knitpick a single thing. We're coming to learn from you and enjoy a day away
Looking forward to it!! Lee

Ali @ Anything You Want said...

So glad you're back in your home! Looks beautiful, as always! I wish I lived near you, I would really love to take a canning workshop. You should take your skills on the road!

KayteeJane said...

Natalie - I've been following your blog for about a year now and also on Instagram. I love your pictures. Your home looks so cozy and inviting and always inspires. I would love to some day be able to come to one of your canning workshops. I live in Pennsylvania. I also live in a small home and sometimes it can be challenging when inviting a lot of guests. I have a teenage daughter who wants to have friends over and sometimes I worry that I don't have enough space or it isn't a place the kids would want to be - however I want to appreciate what the Lord has given me and find joy in what I have like you are doing. I am learning to be more welcoming and open. Thanks for always inspiring and good luck on the canning workshop!

Erin Van Genderen said...

Your home is WONDERFUL and oozes with palpable warmth. Thank you for sharing it with me!

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