stuffed portobello mushroom casserole - healthy & affordable

in an effort to meet my health goals, i have been very intentional about what we eat for dinner. 

we cook & eat at home most nights of the week so having a well-rounded list of recipes & meal ideas keeps me motivated & excited!

 skinnytaste, a healthy eating blog,  is one of my go-to places for healthy & wholesome meal ideas. i love her approach to eating well (cooking lighter - but an encourager of good fats) & her love for vegetables. 

she recently posted this stuffed portobello mushroom recipe that looked delicious! after surveying our freezer, garden & pantry, i realized i had most of the ingredients for our tuesday night dinner already on hand. with a quick list, i headed to the store. once at the grocery, i realized the large portobello mushrooms were about $12 for the quantity i needed - well over my allotted budget. i revised & quickly grabbed the carton of small chopped portobellos for just $3. 

at home, i made skinnytaste's recipe, but i revised it to make it more affordable without skimping on health. instead of stuffing each mushroom, i created a mushroom casserole with mushrooms on the bottom followed by the layer of vegetables, marinara & cheese. 

it was absolutely delicious & approved by the family! consider this a little nudge to eat well within your budget & add this recipe to your menu plan this week!

friends, what's on your menu plan this week? please share your healthy ideas! include links to your favorite recipes in the comments section!


Ali @ Anything You Want said...

Looks delicious! I did a little batch cooking this week and made some meatballs, enchiladas (from Gimme Some Oven) and lasagna to freeze. Looking forward to pulling those out of the freezer and having an easy, healthy meal on busy weeknights to come!

Madeline Hall said...

This looks delicious! I am trying to cook more at home as opposed to eating out--it's so much healthier and saves so much money! It's just hard to recipe plan--but this looks like a yummy and easy option!

Alison said...

I agree with substituting when possible! I had a great recipe for polenta portobellos from The Forest Feast, and luckily portobellos were on sale at Aldi this week. However, the recipe called for brussels sprouts, which were unavailable at Aldi and $3.75/lb (only in pre portioned packs) at Publix, so I am substituting cauliflower! You do what you can! We have decided to halve our grocery budget due to a recent very expensive move. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration.

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