#dressinhappinessdaily update + my first stitch fix!

in 2014, i started the #dressinhappinessdaily project & i have never looked back. as i've shared hundreds of times in this space, i am no fashion blogger, but this personal project has been life-changing. 

jeans from the loft // top thrifted by a friend // purse thrifted // sandals saltwater sandals

i went from yoga pants & a tee to an inspiring wardrobe that makes me feel good. i didn't spend a ton of money. i simply got up & got dressed, took risks, experimented & shared my outfits along the way.  who knew what you wear could be so empowering?

dress tj maxx // sandals old navy // clutch the barefoot seamstress
after learning what felt good & made me happy, i started the capsule wardrobe project. i curated a well-rounded closet of about thirty pieces that made me feel amazing. i have been doing this for almost three seasons & i am thrilled with the results. it makes getting dressed each morning super easy because i'm excited about everything in my closet. if you'd like more info on the capsule wardrobe concept, click here.

at the recommendation of a handful of friends, i decided to try out Stitch Fix. i absolutely love it, y'all!

i wasn't quite sure how stitch fix would fit in with my capsule wardrobe project, but i've been so pleased. i chose the every two months shipping option, which is frequent enough for me to plan my upcoming capsule wardrobe while also saving money/shopping less when i am not expecting a fix.

i was also worried about the prices. they're more than i usually spend ($80 was my most expensive piece), but i have learned that the quality of a piece often matches it's price tag. 

as with every stitch fix, the recipient always receives five pieces. in my first stitch fix, i received two tops, one necklace, a pair of jeans & a maxi dress. here's what i kept...

evys tree hoodie // lace tank from a local boutique // stitch fix jeans // country outfitter boots // the barefoot seamstress clutch

the perfect pair of jeans: hands to the heavens, these jeans are perfection. when i first pulled them out of the box, i was very hesitant. a stretchy band around the waist?! i am not elderly & i am not pregnant. thankfully, my stylist informed me that these jeans were one of their best sellers among ladies of all ages. 

i now know why! y'all, i've owned these pants for less than a month & i have already decided i need about 15 more pairs. i wear them nearly every day. the waist band never shows, they're high waisted so your privates don't hang out, they keep the muffin top contained & you don't have that weird bunching at the waist because the denim lays flat against your tummy. the jean legs also fit into cowboy boots & look super cute with flats. 

i'm a stitch fix believer, y'all! give me all the magical jeans!

the boho maxi: i would have never chosen this maxi, but stitch fix is all about challenging your comfort zone & encouraging you to try new things. this dress is so flattering & so versatile! i even wear it with a knotted tea for a maxi skirt look. i've worn it to church & to work. i love it paired with neon accessories like my fun old navy flats!

my two biggest stitch fix takeaways:

1. you can feel good no matter your size. i often fall into the rabbit hole of "if only i lost twenty pounds, i would feel & look great." my good people, you can rock a fun outfit & feel great no matter your size. when i tried on my stitch fix pieces, i was once again reminded that well-made clothing can make you feel like a million bucks at your heaviest & your lightest. 

2. professionals are awesome & they save you time. instead of spending endless hours online searching for key pieces for my capsule wardrobe, i am leaving it to my stylist! i requested a classic jean jacket for my next stitch coming in october & i absolutely cannot wait to see what she sends me!

friends, join me for some Stitch Fixfun! fyi: your first shipment costs $20 to pay for your stylist's time, but that fee goes toward whatever you purchase from your fix. 


p.s. let me know if you sign up for Stitch Fix!!! it's so fun! xo.


ericca h at bellybaloo said...

I need to know the maker of those jeans!!!!!! I just got my first stitch fix last week & am in love w/ a couple of the pieces...a really fun pencil skirt & this awesome black blouse w/ some really cool "rivet" like detailing on it. It's so much fun!!! And, your outfits are always so inspiring!!!

natalie said...

Ericca - the jeans are from Liverpool!

Mélodie Nicolle said...

I absolutely love that style "routine" idea! It's been a struggle for me for years to dress accordingly to my personal comfort and style AND to what i thought i SHOULD wear. The Capsule Wardrobe has definitely been a wake up call for me and ever since, I wake up every morning, get ready in about 15 minutes and feel not just comfortable but most importantly myself in my clothes, love that feeling! I love wearing a pretty little dress to go out on a date for example but i'm definitely ME in my high waisted jeans, plaid shirt and flats! ;)
Thanks for this lovely post, you look beautiful in these photos, and so happy! :)

amy said...

Just signed up Nat!! I'm a little nervous since I am so picky and have a very particular style but don't love to shop. I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see what you have chosen as your fall capsule wardrobe. I'm intrigued by the idea of doing this but HOW DO YOU PICK THE PIECES?! LOL!

Marcy said...

Magic jeans...yes please! I would love to find a pair of these, could you share a little more about them? Which style are they and do they run true to size? We are very similar in shape and size and I find you so encouraging! I've been struggling lately with things not fitting which makes me want to wear nothing but yoga pants and my hubbys tee shirts. I NEED some magic jeans in my life :)

Anonymous said...

Well Natalie, I went ahead and signed up for stitch fix! excited to see what they come up with. I worked in fashion for many years, but lately, living in the country, I tend to gravitate to my Yoga pants also ... so you were not alone there ;D

You look lovely Natalie... your smile just lights up your face! ... m.

Anonymous said...

You look great and what a success. I had a bad experience with stitch fix. I had jewelry that broke and finish rubbed off after 3 wears. I had spent a considerable amount. Also, I live in the Midwest and asked for a fix for New Year's Eve. They sent dresses that were for summer. It was awful. I think you have to have an online profile for them to get it right. Glad it worked for you. After three attempts, they offered me a $25 credit towards another fix. I really think they should have credited my account with the amount I had spent towards the jewelry.

Anonymous said...

I really like get your pretty on blog. Have you seen it?

SarahElizabethH said...

This is such a great project. I have been working at home doing the farm thing for close to a year now and find it really heard to not wear "farm clothes" all day. The days I do get dressed I do feel much better. You've totally inspired me!

Hannah Marshall said...

Is there a promo going on for stitch fix? I am signing up now!

natalie said...

hannah- not that i know of! do use my link & i get a little referral gift :)

Teresa said...

Bring on the magic jeans please!

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