in the garden: september 2015

if you're new to this space, welcome to the "in the garden" series! during the spring & summer months, in celebration of gardening, i share a monthly garden overview of what our garden looks like along with garden happenings! welcome!

i am absolutely giddy for september. we've been moving at such a rapid speed all summer. it's nice to sit on the sidelines for a bit of a breather this month. we're still steadily working in both the garden & the kitchen, but we're feeling a bit of a break in our schedules outside of the home. 

in the garden - september 2015

we're spending late evenings in the garden weeding & harvesting. i sometimes wonder if we need a cherry tomato pickin' intern. with twenty sungold cherry tomato plants, it seems nearly impossible to harvest them all. needless to say, we've been thoroughly enjoying handfuls of them with every snack, salad & meal. 

the cucumbers are already producing. we waited to plant our cucumbers & i am so happy we did. it's nice to harvest these in-between late summer & early fall garden goodies.

the green beans are flowering & soon we will have fresh beans with every dinner! we always freeze bags full for winter. i simply chop the ends off & throw them in a freezer bag; no blanching necessary.

other garden news:

+ we believe our tomatoes have late blight so we're harvesting enough to make into tomato sauce. soon we'll be removing the plants for the season. the end of tomato season is always a hard one. nothing compares to a fresh summer tomato, my friends!

+ speaking of tomatoes, i tried roasting tomatoes & they're absolutely delicious. i used this recipe & love it!

+ we are planting salad greens, radishes & salad turnips this month. i love salad season! 

+ i have a big basket of bell peppers waiting on me in the kitchen to process. i chop them up & throw them in a freezer bag for winter fajitas & veggie enchiladas. 

what's happening in your september garden?


Katie said...

Do you grow organic? If so, how are you keeping bugs off your green bean plants?

Heather said...

Your garden is gorgeous! We live in an apartment in DC, so we don't have the outdoor space for a garden, but this post has me dreaming of a country house.

Holly said...

Gimme your sungolds! I've had 1 home grown tomato this season. ONE.

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