a slow yet productive weekend

our long labor day weekend was a perfect balance of productive & slow. we spent most of the weekend at home, finishing our flooring & catching up on home to-do's. 

despite our frantic august spent dealing with soggy floors & moldy walls, i am so grateful for our new floors provided by insurance (farm bureau, thank you!). we still have molding to put up & transitions to finish, but we're settling into our fresh new spaces quite nicely. 

i love how freshening up one space leads to tidying up the entire home. our new floors brought on fresh inspiration for our kitchen & i am oh so happy with the final (for now, ha!) results. 

 i've been slowly decluttering our home, only keeping what sparks joy & donating or selling the rest. this has lead to a nice balance of beautiful & practical. 

this weekend, after a bit of rearranging, i also spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen baking & chopping. i made blueberry muffins from this recipe & chopped up roasted vegetables for the week ahead. 

how are you enjoying quiet moments at home? please share!


Andrea Taylor said...

My slow moments are spent dreaming about flooring. We actually will start switching up the flooring here at our house and I'm super excited. Aside from that, a book, a walk around the neighborhood and and quality time with the hubs are on top of my list on how to enjoy quiet moments. Loving your new floors - quite a hassle, but I'm glad insurance covered it!

Madeline Hall said...

Looks like a relaxing + productive weekend! I also love the new flooring! ; )


Julie D said...

What did you chose for your new floors? They are lovely!

Melody said...

Razorback football, family and food. Crafting and making. Books. And chocolate of course! Take care and God bless.

Christie said...

I am! My four-year-old has just started school for the first time, and it's a breath of fresh air, let me tell you! Unfortunately, I"ve been sick with a cold so not as much freedom as I thought. :P

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