the simple life magazine feature + shop news!

when citiscapes reached out to write a story about my business & our farm, i squealed! they're such an amazing resource in our region - creating content that's relevant & interesting - so it was such a gift & honor to be featured! 

 learn a bit more about our lives within my studio & on our farm... here's the full article here.

in other news, my etsy shop opens tomorrow morning at 9 am cst! yay! 

keep an eye out for my favorite set of happy flags to date - the happy homesteader set inspired by the late summer season harvest!

there will also be a limited supply of adult & kiddo bow bands along with stretchy bands & our classic skinny headband!

i can't wait to see you over at the shop tomorrow morning! thank you for being such a gift to my heart & our home. xo.


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

That is really awesome! I read the article. Wow!!

What a beautiful write-up!

Kim said...

The article was lovely! So enjoyable.
I have been meaning to ask you (and I hope this does not sound rude as I do not mean it to be rude.) What is the purpose of the goat herd? Will you be making a product someday? Cheese? Soap?
Just wondering,

Hannah Marshall said...

I have yet to get some happy flags and headbands, so I am very excited for tomorrow morning! I know I will love them as much as I love reading your blog:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the feature! It was very pleasant to read, and really inspiring.

Lauren said...

The feature is so beautiful! Congratulations!

Kat Z said...

I found your blog through this lovely article last week and spent an hour or so reading past posts. Tonight, I made your cherry tomato soup with tomatoes and garlic from Tuesday's Fayetteville Farmers Market plus basil I grew on my deck. Crusty toasted sourdough bread accompanied it. After thoroughly enjoying this "starter," we had Arkansas-grown purple hull peas, pineapple-pork sausage and Hinkle Hotz pepper jelly (also from the Farmers Market,) with Sweet and Spicy Relish from Van Zants Orchard. A truly locally-provided supper, and so good! Good luck to y'all on your whole endeavor!


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