cozy autumn corners

our home has it's quirks & it's definitely not perfect, but we do cozy well. 

with a few candles lit, our favorite seasonal decor on display, warm muffins from the oven, hot cocoa mix within reach, our bucket list made & quilts ready for bundling - we are indeed ready for autumn. 

today i thought i would share a handful of cozy corners within our home inspired by autumn & the cooler season ahead. i hope they inspire you to fluff your corners, purchase a few pumpkins & sip on a warm cup of tea.  

our bucket list - a family tradition...

how do you cozy up within your home? please share your seasonal ideas!


Austin said...

I just adore your house! Anytime I show my boyfriend a picture from your blog, he goes, "That looks like your style!" ha ha. And you're right – you do cozy so well!

Bronwyn McConvey said...

I was showing your blog and instagram to a friend just yesterday. She is home with a hand injury and was looking for quiet things to do as she heals. I told her your photos would bring her joy and give her inspiration to make cosy little changes around her house while she is off. She loved every second of her time perusing your photos and she is already ( carefully) making little changes around her house while she is home. Thanks so much for showing us your home.

Mélodie Nicolle said...

First of all, like most of the time i comment on your blog, your home is my dream home! Also i'm totally in love with the bucket list board idea! My love and i both have our personnal list, but i'd love to make one together each season or even month...
Personnaly a huge stack of blanket on the couch, a full tea collection, cat on the lap and i'm a happy girl for all winter! :)
Lovely post darling :*

angie said...

I see-saw between clear spaces and displaying my favorite things. Your home definitely makes me lean toward the latter. I love the texture of your give thanks pillow. Did you make it? I think the fall bucket list is a tradition about to begin in our family. Thank you for the inspiration.

Nic Nicki Nicolette Nico said...

i just adore you. that is all. xo

Kylee Morris said...

I have been following your instagram (in love) and occasionally your blog, I cant believe I just now am discovering you are in Arkansas!!! I to reside in AR, about 3 hours east of Fayetteville!!! Love your style

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