in the kitchen: luke's breadmaking

it's been such a gift watching luke grow in his love for breadmaking within our little kitchen. breadmaking is such an art form. every small step is so meaningful. 

 once a perfect golden loaf of artisan bread is pulled out of the oven, every ounce of love & attention is worth made worth it. we slather our delicious slices with homemade jam & a pat of butter.

here are luke's recipes...
 - when beginning, he started with this delightful & easy no-knead bread recipe from the new york times.
- since advancing in his love for breadmaking, he has moved onto the norwich sourdough bread recipe. it's a bit more challenging but worth the effort.

do you bake bread? we'd love to hear your breadmaking stories!


Anonymous said...

I have a batch of the no-knead bread on my counter right now, it will be part of supper this evening! We've been making it for a couple of years now, and it's always a quick and easy way to fill the house with fresh bread when I don't have time to make a more elaborate recipe. Glad you found it, you'll enjoy. It's also nice to make as a hostess gift with a jar of my homemade jam!

Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson said...

My husband is brewing beer at home and I couldn't stand throwing away all the spent grains. I found a great recipe and made bread from scratch for the first time. We just had our housewarming party and everyone got to take home a handmade loaf of bread! So fun!

Bronwyn McConvey said...

I've been baking a cake each week this year to hone my baking skills. I've already decided that 2016 will be breadmaking - a new loaf each weekend. I learn new skills and the family benefits!

CaSandra said...

Thank you so much for this post... fingers crossed... I'm almost ready to pull out my first loaf of artisan bread out of the oven!

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