my stitch fix #3

y'all, it's Stitch Fixtime!!! 

i usually receive a fix every 2-3 months, but this month i tried the 2-3 week option because i received such a great box last time & i was in need of 1. church dresses for the cooler months & 2. a winter coat.

friends, i am so excited to share all of the details about my third stitch fix with you! 

1. the cutest winter coat ever: i absolutely loved the style of this winter coat. it was a thick camel wool with wooden buttons, cream embroidered detailing & the sweetest plaid hood. the arms fit just right, but sadly my body swam in it. when unbuttoned i could almost wrap it around my body like a robe so i tearfully sent it back. 

2. thin colored pants: i requested a pair of colored pants for this fix to go with my jean jacket from the previous fix. i loved the color of these pants, but i was disappointed by the quality. at almost $100, i was shocked to find out just how thin these pants are. i realize stretchy pants are on trend right now, but this sister needs a little more substance. you win some, ya lose some.

3. cute stripe top: i love, love, loved this top. sadly, it wasn't really a "need" right now. the detailing was so cute, but the shirt was much more of a layering piece so the cream embroidery would have been hidden anyway. it killed me to send this back (still feeling slight regret, ha!), but i know there are more amazing stitch fix pieces to come.

4. simple grey purse: i was surprised to find an accessory in my fix given i only requested clothing, but there she was! i like the style of this purse & the gold detailing, but i prefer supporting my maker friends, the barefoot seamstress & better life bags, when possible. 

5. the paisley "out of the box" dress: y'all, this piece was a shocker for me. i would have never picked out this pattern on my own, but stitch fix is all about pulling us out of our comfort zones. when on, i couldn't resist this amazing cut. i wore it to church on sunday & received a ton of compliments. i can't wait to get a pair of knit creamy tights & wear them with this dress, my ankle boots & a fun cardigan. i kept this piece & love it!

overall, this Stitch Fixwas just ok. i have already scheduled a fix for early november to fill in a handful of holes in my winter wardrobe. stitch fix beats going shopping at the big box store any day & i love the extra push to try new & interesting pieces (like my paisley dress)!

do you want to give Stitch Fixa try? just click here: Stitch Fix... & connect with your own stylist today! yay!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think the camel coat looked that big on you, in the side profile picture it looked like it was fitted pretty good. Bummer that you couldn't keep it! It looked so snuggly for the winter months.

Ashley Licari said...

Sad about your 1/5 fix! I hope the next one is better for you. I have decided to hold off on my 3rd until after the holidays (so responsible of me...*hair flip*). Have you joined the Facebook group? It might help with these fixes that are "just ok", or to fill the holes in your wardrobe! It's called "Stitch Fix B/S/T and discussion" if you're not already a member. :)

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