a round-up of my top three favorite cookbooks

 we eat homemade, from scratch most days of the week - with the exception of our date night & weekly meal at my in-law's - so we appreciate a thoughtful meal made at home. it's always more enjoyable to have a handful of resources that inspire you to cook up something great in the kitchen!

a friend on instagram recently asked me to share my favorite cookbooks with you. i've shared my favorite resources a handful of times, but we've recently added a few new titles to our rotation! here are a few of our favorite cookbooks that include affordable, easy & delicious meal ideas!

1. simply in season: this is our cooking bible. we love that this cookbook is divided by season (spring, summer, etc.), which makes cooking with garden-grown produce so much easier! there are only a handful of ingredients per recipe so it isn't complicated or overwhelming. when i am in need of a hearty, simple, affordable & delicious meal, i pick up this cookbook!

2. feeding the whole family: i love that this cookbook offers tons of healthy recipes that the entire family will enjoy. lots of the recipes include bulk bin ingredients, which keep costs low. also, there are tips for cooking with the little ones! this is such a great cookbook for families. 

3. clean eats: this cookbook was gifted to me & i love it. since starting weight watchers, i have been searching for "clean" meals to serve at dinnertime & this one is perfect for just that. some of the recipes are involved & expensive, but i have found lots of meal ideas perfect for those busy week nights! 

i've recently been collecting my favorite online recipes & writing them down in my recipe box (from here). i know that one day our little ones will want to cook something their mama made & the idea of searching my pinterest board just isn't quite as cozy, ha! 

what are some of your favorite cookbooks? please share!


Meredith Fields Lawler said...

Hi Natalie! I cook most nights as well and have been making quite a few vegetarian and vegan meals. The boys actually seem to enjoy....at least no one else is offering to cook! My favorite right now is Thug Kitchen. The language is very naughty but as a working mom of 3 in my 30s I need a little racy in my life...sad that I get it from a cookbook. Bahh!

Lauren Pascoe said...

I have been following the blog budget bytes for a while, but recently started trying more of her recipes. So far every single one has been husband and toddler approved, so that's a big win! She breaks everything down and gives you an idea of how much the meal will cost.

Marisa said...

I love seeing my little book pictured on your shelf! And, second the endorsement of Simply in Season. It's a great book (the rest of those More With Less books are also pretty terrific).

Jenny said...

The cookbook that I turn to the most after the internet is my handwritten tried & true family recipe book. It has recipes from my grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, ect that I've written down as I've needed them. I received it as a blank book when I was young & have added to it for almost 30 yrs now.

My Better Homes & Gardens 1989 edition is my favorite published cookbook. It was given to me not long after I was married. I wore out the paperback binding & the pages started falling out so I had it bound. I love the 'choose-a-flavor quiche' & the 'carrot cake' recipes best.

I also have my mom's handwritten cookbook that I browse occasionally but don't use as much.

Jennifer said...

yay! Thanks for this! I'm going to check out Clean Eats and the eating in season cookbooks from the library and see which makes the short list for purchase. Thank you!

Kellie said...

The moosewood cookbook - it taught me how to cook while I was in college.
Rodale's Basic Natural Foods cookbook is my kitchen bible.
Dinner: A Love Story - fun to read and great recipes.

LoriLyn said...

I love The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and I love both of Joy the Baker's cookbooks :)

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