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as i sit here in the early morning hours with a warm coffee in hand at my old wooden desk purchased secondhand, i thought it might be fun to share some home inspiration with you i have found via instagram. 

as you know, we've been slowly cleaning out every corner of our home & making space to simply live. we are not minimalists. we enjoy well-made goods that make up our home. we appreciate family heirlooms & we value cozy. yet still, there's something about making space that feels just right. 

below are a handful of my favorites... i hope you find a spark of inspiration to fluff up your corners, let go of a little more, add a throw blanket, dust off your favorite stack of cookbooks & really enjoy your home. 

what are some of your favorite instagram accounts for home inspiration? please share!



Erin Virtue-Lawson said...

What I'm seeing hereis "Natalie really likes white walls" :) I saw that top pic and now I'm obsessed with plain, unpainted light wood for trim.

natalie said...

erin - the funny part - none of my walls are white in my own home! HA!

Jenny said...

I'm with Erin...I'm also obsessed with the trim in the first pic.

I actually did this in my house last fall. I painted all the doors white & stained my wood trim a very light honey color, then sealed it to make it easier to keep clean. I love it! I'm slowly changing out all the trim for this lighter look.

I'm not on instagram & am unfamiliar with how it all works. I'd love to see more of this room/home. I clicked the link but couldn't find the original picture. Do you know if she has a blog with more detail?

Justine Osborne said...

Love the new look of your website!

Anonymous said...

@mamawatters has the calmest, most beautiful home! Her feed inspires me everyday!

Jessica Rodarte said...

I love this! I just shared My Top 5 Favorite Homes on Instagram, too. My favorites are @emily_katz, @elisejoy, @elsielarson, @tracyshutterbean, @smalladventure. :)

Alison Little said...

What an honor to be included. These ladies are some of my very favorites.

Kelli said...

Oh I am a sucker for the white tiled backsplash. Love this collection of kitchens!

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