may day traditions

sweet friends, do you celebrate may day? it's a special day our family has been uniquely celebrating on-and-off for years. 

it's traditionally celebrated on may 1st with a spring festival of dancing & good food. and while we do love both of those immensely, we often celebrate with a surprise hanging basket of flowers on our neighbors' doors!

today i am sharing a simple DIY for making your own may day baskets! head on over to shindig paperie's blog for the tutorial!
do you celebrate may day? i'd love to read about your traditions & celebrations! please share!


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thehomespunheart said...

I used to be really good about May Day! Before I was married with kids, I would save empty tin cans, decorate them with cute paper and ribbons and plant pansies in them to deliver all over town early morning on May 1st! Since then, it has gotten a little more tricky but this inspires me to make this year different!

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