weekend blueberry muffin recipe

even amidst the busyness of our spring days, i have been carving out a few minutes here & there to bake. it's good, therapeutic work & it almost always ends in yummy results. 

today i thought i would share our favorite farmhouse blueberry muffin recipe. you can make these with frozen or fresh blueberries. every year we harvest buckets full of blueberries from a local fruit farm & freeze them for baking throughout the year. blueberry season must be near because our blueberry reserve is quite low!

blueberry muffins are the perfect weekday pick-me-up breakfast & the warmest welcome for out-of-town guests.

i hope you love the recipe printable we pulled together for you. simply print & add to your recipe box. enjoy, sweet friends!


p.s. freckled hen farmhouse has the loveliest collection of baking essentials that are sure to make your weekend baking practices just a bit sweeter. click here to shop if you'd like!


Kristen Parkins said...

I made the muffins and the outsides of them turned out to be golden, crunchy delicious. ;)

Three Chicks & One Egg said...

Thanks so much for the recipe! I have to let some frozen apple sauce thaw out first and then I'm going to make these. I love the little recipe card printable! Awesome idea and so much nicer to add to my recipe box! Thanks again!

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