our weekly salad bowl

i've been working toward establishing weekly routines in an effort to be more intentional with my days, weeks, months, years & truthfully - life. for so long i disliked routine & schedules. just recently, though, i've grown to appreciate a thoughtful rhythm to my work & home life.

some of the chores & habits i've introduced into my week include purchasing (or harvesting when the time comes) a fresh bouquet of flowers every week, planning our weekly menu on sunday night, shopping for groceries on monday afternoon & harvesting/building an extra large garden salad each week.

the harvesting & building of our weekly salad is quite labor intensive on the front end, but it saves me so much time come lunch & dinner. 

i harvest a variety of greens from the garden - lettuce, mesculin mix, kale, swiss chard, spinach & arugula - & wash them thoroughly in our kitchen sink. once they've been washed & chopped, i fill up the largest bowl i own & mix. i chop up an assortment of in-season vegetables, too, & add them to the top. i cover my large bowl & pull it out for lunchtime & dinnertime salad needs, adding additional toppings & salad dressing at that time.

 it's been such an easy way to encourage more greens into our diet & the peaceful time outside in the garden is quite wonderful.

what weekly chores & habits to you make room for within your weekly rhythm? i'd love to learn a handful of your tricks! please share in the comments below.



Humbolt, the troll said...

If you want to keep your salads fresher you might try packing them in mason jars, with the metal lids (the plastic ones won't work, they're not air tight). I find salad greens will keep for weeks in the jars.

Jenny said...

I try to prewash/cut up most of my salad ingredients when I buy them. We make at least one or two salads each every day. When I prepare supper I make two salads each, one to eat that evening & one for lunch the next day.

amanda june said...

yes! living in china salads can seem like more trouble than they're worth (the washing/drying is quite a chore) but recently i've discovered something like what you're doing -- i can wash a head of lettuce and store it in the fridge and my husband and i can get several meals' worth of salads from it throughout the week. with a simple homemade garlic vinaigrette and a little fresh parm on top, it's a perfect, easy side to have on hand. loving it lately! so worth a little work at the front end :)

Christi said...

I am similarly trying to establish weekly routines... still. At 41 with 2 boys, I find that as soon as a routine is established, some aspect of life changes. And that's okay! Having routines in places allows for adjustment without upsetting the whole cart!

Heidi Joe said...

Put a paper towel or plain flour sack towel in with your greens to absorb excess moisture and keep them crisp!

Misty said...

I usually wash my lettuce/greens when I get home from the store, put them in the salad spinner, drain the excess water and lay a paper towel in the bottom of the spinner and store in the refrigerator. Stays fresh longer and then I'm more motivated to make a salad throughout the week. Love your idea about the salad with radish, egg and balsamic dressing. I just grew my first crop of french radishes and I love them!

Debbie Slaughter said...

I love the idea of preparing the salads ahead of time. I am a big routine person, rather than a schedule person. Finally, at the ripe old age of 51, I'm trying to establish a routine of one load of laundry per day. This keeps things washed and I don't get too behind.

By the way, I love your products :) I'm pretty sure I need one of everything!

LoriLyn said...

I don't do a big salad bowl every week, but when I do I love it. Easy to convince yourself to eat salad if it's already ready.
I meal plan every weekend too, and usually do a lot of meal prep on Sunday as well.
I love to make soup because it can last all week for lunches, or I can immediately freeze some for later :)

joy williams said...

Why have I never thought of this? Going to do it right now. I have a bunch of lettuces from my farmer friend.

Thank you!

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