summer wishes + a day at the buffalo river

on sunday we snuck away for a day at the buffalo river. we packed up our swimsuits, snacks, reading material, chairs & blankets. the weather was so beautiful! 

the buffalo river is an absolute gem & we consider it such a gift to live so close! we spent time at steel creek, a perfect family-friendly spot with access to the water and nice bathrooms. 

we hiked the nearby trails and then spent several hours by the water. we read, snacked, napped & savored every minute together. 

this summer we hope to be very intentional with our weekends. we want to ride our bikes more & sneak away for more one-day adventures. we want to eat outside on the patio & spend the last hours of sunlight in the garden together. we hope to soak up the sun & spend many afternoons in our backyard pool. 

what are your wishes for the season ahead? i'd love to read your summer fun ideas!


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Jenny said...

We plan to catch as many weekend sunrises on our back porch as we can. It's a screened porch facing east with a view of a little lake. We'll be spending lots of evenings there as well.

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