late summer wishes

with the start of school in our neck of the woods, we feel a slight shift toward fall. while i love the autumn season, i adore summer & never wish to rush it's presence. 

today i thought i'd take a moment to write out our late summer wishes before the season's end. a simple way to remind myself - & perhaps you! - that there's still so much living to be done before the days grow shorter. 


- take susie q, our beloved camper, on an overnighter 
- one more trip to the beach this september 
- ride bicycles on our local trails
- take long walks in the evening
- visit the local fruit stand for fresh fruit
- jump in the river & enjoy a day of adventuring
- wear sandals, shorts & tanks as much as possible
- practice shibori dyeing & make cloth napkins for our home
- walk around the farmers' market with coffee in hand
- host a canning swap at our studio
- eat basil pesto pasta & caprese salads 
- sit on the porch in the morning
- soak up the sun in the backyard pool
- watch a film at the drive-in movie

what are some of your late summer wishes? share your list in the comments!



Misti said...

I'm definitely a fall-is-my-favorite-season person and it can't come fast enough for me this year! I think I've been finding signs of it for the last three weeks! :) That said, we have a vacation planned for next week so that will be nice goodbye to summer.

Christi said...

I love your plans! Late summer is such a favorite of mine! 😊

Anonymous said...

Put your damn phone down and drive responsibly. You're going to kill someone else or yourself one of these days. The world doesn't need to see your buck teeth singing along to the radio while you drive.

Mary Hopper said...

I love this time of year, the transition from all good things of summer to cooler temps and the goodness of fall. I love the idea of making a list last summer wishes-I may have to do the same!

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