simple ways to freshen your home

every time i return from a trip, i feel a hint of discontentment with our home. yet oftentimes the littlest tweaks are quite significant in changing the feel & mood of a space.

today i thought i would share a little list of simple things i love to do within our home to make it feel fresh & new again.

1. light my favorite candles - there's nothing quite like the warmth & coziness of a candle burning. i love the gather candle from our shop & burn it in our kitchen next to the sink.

2. make the bed - luke & i begin each day by making the bed together. it's a quick bit of time to connect & chat about our goals for the day while we fold the blankets & pile on the pillows. also, it's such an easy way to calm the chaos of home. 

3. flowers in unexpected places - go out to the garden & harvest a bouquet or grab one from the grocer. create mini bouquets throughout your home in the most unexpected places - the bathroom, your bedroom dresser, atop the coffee table. every time you turn the corner, you'll smile!

4. set the table - gather your favorite linens, a bouquet of flowers, a candle & your favorite china. set the table & ready your family for a wholesome meal together. it's the simplest way to reconnect with your family & ground yourself to your sacred place.

how do you freshen your home & it's corners? please share in the comments!



Traci said...

This is my favorite thing to do. And #3--flowers in unexpected places--is my favorite way to do it! I never regret bringing fresh flowers into the house, even if they only last a short time.

I just moved into a new house and have barely unpacked. We got rid of a lot of detail stuff and want to change it up--artwise and with these small details. I am so excited to see where the details take me!

Love your shots.

Little Miss Honeybee said...

Where is the black & white check tray from that is on the kitchen counter?

Jenny said...

I clean & declutter. After living in our house for 27 yrs there is a constant decluttering going on. We've had parents, siblings & children come & go over the years always leaving something behind (mostly great memories!) so there is always a reorganizing to do.

When I was younger I would pull away from media when I was discontented with home - (even blogs!) It helped me to stop drooling over things I thought I'd never have. Now, instead as I browse I see something I love & try to recreate the same look or feeling in an area of my home. I make the idea my own with what I have.

Love your blog & your sweet farm!

PS - I still have my wreath I made at the Flourish retreat early in the year. :) I usually change my wreaths out for the seasons but when spring came I couldn't bare to pack it away so I moved it from the door to my kitchen. It still hangs in the French door window, with a clear crystal hanging below it to catch the morning sun. As I've done my fall cleaning I considered again taking it down for awhile but it still makes me feel so happy to see it so it will stay up at least through the fall!

Natalie freeman said...

Little Miss Honeybee - it's from our shop! Here's the link:

Jenny - that makes me SO happy! I love that you love your wreath so much. You are a gift!

Brittany Avery said...

You're so right about each one of these! We just moved from "home" to a house temporarily, and it doesn't quite feel like "home" (yet). It's amazing how my favorite candle from home, a jar with flowers and a made bed can begin to make me feel at home in this new, not-so-homish place.

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