Don't Go It Alone

Friends, it is so good to be back in this space. 

I took a brief break from the blog to open our brick & mortar general store. It's been such a gift to open up that space to our dear community (thanks to so many of you who have made the trek!), but it's a wonderful feeling to get back into a more sustainable daily rhythm. I have missed y'all! Thanks for the grace, dear readers, as we transition into this new "normal."

With that said, grab a cup of coffee & join me as I chat about some thoughts that have been brewing for quite awhile...

With the new year motivation behind us & resolutions forgotten, I want to share one big lesson that I learned a couple of years ago.

Don't Go It Alone. 

This nugget of wisdom struck me as I was reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin (a wonderful read & one I'd highly recommend). Within the pages, Rubin chats about the importance of habits & how we can establish new ones once we recognize how we're uniquely built. As I continued reading, I quickly learned that I thrive best in community.

Meaning I am able to establish healthy habits in my life when I can process within community, share my struggles, learn from others' experiences & gain outside motivation.

Friends, this somewhat simple thought was revolutionary in so many ways & transformed how I viewed my journey.

How many of us move throughout life without a solid community to lean into? 

How many of us struggle to lose weight, love our spouse well, parent with patience or build a business?

Imagine what might take place if we shared those universal struggles with folks who get it.

Once that truth sunk in, I signed up for Weight Watchers meetings (more on that soon, I promise), started attending weekly coffee dates with girlfriends & joined a private entrepreneurial Facebook group.  

So perhaps you failed at accomplishing those New Years resolutions alone, but let me encourage you to take a few steps back & identify a group of people working toward the same habits/values/life goals.

Magic takes place when we lean into community, friends.  

Here's your challenge for the week - What is one step you can make this week to lean into community & work toward that big goal?

Want to read more? Sign up for a book club. Ready to lose weight? Join a weight loss group. Excited about a business idea? Set up a coffee date with an entrepreneur in your community!

Whatever it may be, Don't Go It Alone.


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Thisway Thataway said...

Thank you for this post Natalie; I really needed this today. I constantly find myself trying to go it alone. Not that I like it that way but because it is my default. I'm going to buy the book you mentioned and would love to hear more about your life changing journey with weight watchers. I tried to do the program online alone and needless to say I failed miserably.

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