Garden Workshop at Freckled Hen Farm

When we opened the doors to our Freckled Hen Farmhouse shop, we knew we wanted it to be a place that inspired folks to learn new skills & invest more deeply in their homes & interests. Luke & I have been absolutely amazed by the response to our workshop series!

We are so thrilled to introduce a new workshop for spring - a fun & informative garden workshop at our farm! 

You're invited to our farm, Freckled Hen Farm, just outside of Fayetteville on Sunday, April 30th, for an afternoon of gardening!

Luke, our farmer & horticulturalist, will walk you through the basics of gardening with hands-on demonstrations & plenty of time to answer all of your exciting gardening questions. 

It's going to be such a rich afternoon of soaking up the beautiful farm while learning hands-on skills that you can bring back to your own garden & families!

Topics will include:

- Seeding & transplanting
- Soil health & amendments
- Building a garden bed
- Crop rotation & crop planning
- Mulching & weed control
- Organic pest management

You'll spend the afternoon with Luke & (me!) Natalie in the garden for on-site demonstrations along with hands-on activities + detailed handouts with planting schedules & crop management tips.

We're excited to also give you a tour of our hobby farm, including an overview of our free-range chickens & goats.

Just a few basics...

- The workshop will be held from 2-5pm at our farm, Freckled Hen Farm, on April 30th.

- Registration is $40 per person & spots are limited.

- This is a beginners course so no previous gardening knowledge is required.

- The workshop also includes light snacks & drinks for your enjoyment.

- Freckled Hen Farmhouse tools, seeds & supplies for the garden will also be offered so bring extra cash if you'd like to purchase Luke & Natalie's favorite farm essentials! Enjoy 10% off with every purchase.

We so look forward to having you at our home & farm on April 30th!


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