Simple Daily Practices

I am happy to say we have finally found our rhythm within the home since opening our shop. I knew I wanted to get back to a full night's rest, home-cooked meals & regular exercise. But I also wanted to add in some simple practices that were much needed even before the shop's opening.

I've been experimenting for a few weeks & I am finding that certain, simple practices are finding their place within our days. I thought I'd share some of those daily habits with you...

1. Putting up our dishes first thing every morning: I would get so frustrated every day around lunchtime when I would wash my plate & go to put it in the dishwasher, only to find it was full of clean dishes. I know, first world problems. Now, every morning with coffee in hand, I put up all of the dishes. It makes for a smoother afternoon & an empty sink throughout the day. 

- Drinking more water: Truthfully, I struggle to drink water. Even in the heat of an Arkansas summer, I'll grab an iced coffee over a bottle of water any day. But I am slowly working on this habit. In order to motivate myself, I have been filling up a pretty glass pitcher (a thrifted find, vintage Pyrex) with water & ice. I'll add in fresh lemon, lime, herbs & fruit for a pop of flavor. Somedays I do well & other days I fail, but the reminder of that pitcher on the countertop sure does help. 

- Putting away clothing immediately: Do you have that chair in your bedroom that serves as your chair to hold the mound of clean clothes not yet put up? Yes, us too. And it drove me nuts! The time to put up all. of. those. clothes each week was ridiculous. So I decided to set a rule for myself. Every time I was finished with a piece of clothing that wasn't quite ready for the wash or a piece I decided not to wear that day, I had to take two seconds to fold or hang it up. This has been HUGE.  A simple practice that keeps our bedroom clean & puts my mind at ease. Yes.

- Slowly settling down at night: The evening hours are sacred within our home. They're oftentimes the only hours of the day when we're both together. So I've been working to protect those hours. For an hour or so, just before bedtime & after the completion of chores for the day, you'll find us by the wood burning stove with a book in hand (currently reading the Underground Railroad & loving it!). We make a cup of tea & savor the quiet for just a few moments before settling into bed. I apply essential oils & fall into my pillow for a deep night's rest.

What simple practices are you adding to your day? How are you falling into a healthy daily rhythm? I'd love to read your thoughts & suggestions in the comments!



Unknown said...

Those are really great tips Natalie, i would love to have a fire to settle in front of to read my book everynight though!
Oh well, one day! As for the dishes, we don't have a washing machine but since i can't stand finding dirty dishes in the morning, i force myself (and sometimes my love!) to clean up before heading to bed, it makes me in such a bad mood to find dirty stuff when pouring my coffee! xo

Elise said...

So many great tips! I need to put several into action, including fixing my lunch for the next day the night before. With five children, mornings are crazy! I love, love, love your mug-would you mind sharing where you found it, please?

Natalie Freeman said...

@elise - you can find the mug from @claybytay on Instagram! I purchased it at a local craft fair :)

Elise said...

Thanks so much, Natalie!!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this! I'm also trying to work on creating routines that bring my husband and me more peace throughout the day. Do you guys have a TV? I feel like that's the main thing that disrupts our precious time together and is fun in the moment but usually leads to me feeling crummy and disconnected later. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie Freeman said...

Elizabeth - We don't have a TV. We do watch shows on the laptop together, though. This was a big decision when we got married & we've stuck with it since!

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