Presence over Perfection This Holiday Season + FREE Mrs. Meyer's Kit

As we enter into one of the busiest yet most meaningful seasons of the year, I want to pause & talk honestly about holiday hosting & gifting.

I've recently fallen into the trap of comparing my life, home, clothing & more to those perfectly-curated houses, outfits & families you find in droves on Instagram & Pinterest. Surely I'm not the only one. 

It's left me feeling a little less than as I go about my every day. What I used to find joy in - such as wrapping gifts for friends during the holidays - I now compare to "holiday gift wrap ideas" results on Pinterest. 

 Friends, I'm here to encourage you (& myself!) this season to decorate your home, host your people, wrap your gifts & do what you do imperfectly. Let's aim for presence over perfection as we host & give generously this holiday!

When you come over for dinner this season, expect to find dog hair on the floor, mismatched cloth napkins & a simple meal most likely from the crockpot. What we lack in Pinterest-y tablescapes & Instagram-worthy dishes, we make up for in meaningful conversation & love. 

I'm SO excited to share with you a wonderful company I have used & loved for years & years. Grove Collaborative helps me realize just how easy it is to say, "I can't do it all! This sister ain't perfect! I need help!" They make it easy by sending my favorite all-natural home supplies right to my door. The products are cheaper than what I find at the store & it is blissfully convenient.

Grove Collaborative just released their gorgeous red apron for the holidays (which I had monogramed & plan to do the same for gifts for all the gals in my family this Christmas)! Every Natalie Creates reader who signs up as a new Grove Collaborative customer & spends just $20 on their first order will receive a beautiful apron & a bundle of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning supplies (a $35+ value) for FREE!

A limited number of these sets are available so grab yours HERE right away! When you click above, you'll learn a few facts about Grove. Your cart will then be filled with a few recommended items (which you can totally change to whatever you need or want!). Once you've made your selection of goodies, you'll finish & pay. In just a few short days, you'll receive your first glorious Grove package with your freebies & purchased goodies inside! Simple, right?!

If there's anything we can take off our plates this holiday season as we host, decorate & give, it's the trip to the store to buy toilet paper. Can I get an amen? Let's all remember, sweet friends. Presence over perfection.

Join me this season in hosting friends & family on a whim, making a comforting meal of crockpot chili, hanging twinkle lights from the dollar bin & saying yes to freebies that make life a little easier!


 P.S. This offer is valid for new Grove Co. customers only, but existing customers can grab a few sponges for free right HERE. Unfortunately, Grove Co. does not currently ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii.

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