Drying Homegrown Herbs

I am finally reaping the rewards of my newly planted herb garden (I talked more about it in this post)! Throughout the summer I harvested herbs here & there for roasted potatoes & homemade salad dressings, but with the change in seasons comes the need to beginning drying & storing my homegrown herbs for the winter months.

After my morning walk, I headed out to the garden with my basket & shears to harvest the first of many baskets full of herbs. 

I keep this little twine stand with scissors conveniently in our dining room hutch for tying bundles of flowers, last minute gifts & freshly harvested herbs. It truly does have so many uses. I also keep a plethora of baskets nearby - can you ever have too many baskets?!

Once I brought my herbs inside, I bundled them up with a simple tie of twine. 
From left to right - hyssop (for winter tea), oregano, lavender (I love baking with lavender), bergamot (also for homemade hot teas!) & rosemary (my favorite)

I then hung each bundle on my herb drying rack (found here). Each time I walk by my herbs, I squeal in delight - the rosemary smells heavenly! 

I will say, it is best to dry herbs in a dark, cool space. Unfortunately our small home doesn't have a dark space that is not already being utilized. Thankfully, this little spot receives diffused morning light only so it has worked great.

Once my herbs are dry, I store them in my favorite Weck jars. If you don't like the clamps, you can always use the wooden lids, which are equally lovely. 

I appreciate the look of these jars & think they make such wonderful jars for gifting during the holiday season. Lots of relatives will be receiving Freckled Hen Farm culinary herb blends with a little wooden spoon this year!

I'd love to read your thoughts on drying herbs at home. What are your favorite methods & blends? Please share!


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Happy Melodie said...

Love love love! I'm writing down so many inspiration notes for my futur house and garden while reading your blog! You're definitely living my dream life sweet Natalie! Thanks for sharing! xo

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