Housekeeping Habits for a Happy Home + FREE Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Kit!

"The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them." - Louisa May Alcott

So much of life happens within the home & I find it's so important to be intentional about how we live, breathe & work within our space. 

As I was reflecting on the past year, I realized just how many changes we made within our home related to house cleaning, body care & homemaking in general. Today I wanted to share some of those changes along with staples that have made living within our home much more enjoyable & peaceful.

+ Tidying up each evening: We have made a point each evening to tidy up our space. For our family, this looks like washing the dishes, wiping down the sink, sweeping the floors & putting things back in their designated places. It's such a wonderful feeling to wake up the next morning to a clean home.

+ Housekeeper: I've blogged about this several times, but hiring our monthly housekeeper was the best decision we have made. She does such a wonderful job of deep-cleaning our space so that we can just focus on the daily upkeep. 

+ Purchasing/growing fresh flowers: I believe a house really feels like a home with a touch of green. I purchase (when I'm not growing my own) a small bouquet of flowers every week. It makes such a difference to my mood & costs very little. I love dividing up the bouquet & adding a few stems next to the sink, on my dresser & in my office. Do grab a bouquet next time you're at the grocery store!

+ Cleaning supplies that make me happy: I believe it's so important to find joy even in the simplest of tasks. I love finding cleaning supplies that make me smile & help me to enjoy the work at hand just a little bit more. I love the cheery scents of Mrs. Meyer's products & receive them monthly at my doorstep from Grove Collaborative, an amazing subscription service that I can't recommend enough.

Right now through Monday, January 8th, Grove Collaborative is offering a FREE New Year Cleaning Kit to Natalie Creates readers! This bundle features Mrs. Meyer's Surface Spray, Hand Soap & Hand Lotion along with cleaning sponges all bundled up in their adorable enamel cleaning caddy + free shipping & 60 Day VIP Trial! All you have to do is sign up for Grove Co., spend $20 on your first order & your freebies will be added to your cart. Click here to sign up! You can mix & match scents as you choose - I love lavender during the wintertime.

Grove Collaborative's easy-peasy service is invaluable for our family & my sanity. It prevents those last minute trips to the grocery store for toilet paper, keeps our family organized, helps us save money & allows us to stay within our budget. 

+ Diffusing Essential Oils: I have loved diffusing oils in our home this year. I purchased my diffuser from Amazon & have found a variety of essential oil brands I love & diffuse. I know that some are faithful to one specific brand of oils, but I've found several I really love. dōTERRA, Young Living, Aura Cacia & Grove Collaborative's own line of oils are a handful of my favorites. Right now I am diffusing pine & grapefruit, a wonderful winter combination! I also love diffusing peppermint when I'm feeling under the weather & lavender when I am hanging out around the house. 

+ Natural Deodorant: I switched to natural deodorant last year & am never going back to the toxic stuff. I tried a whole bunch of brands & landed on a favorite that I love - Schmidt's Deo stick. It keeps me fresh & their scents are fantastic. My favorite is Rose & Vanilla. I purchase my deodorant from Grove Collaborative, but I've seen it at Whole Foods, too! 

+ Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus has become a monthly indulgence for me. I buy an inexpensive bundle from Whole Foods & hang it in my shower - a little tip I picked up on Instagram. It smells heavenly & naturally diffuses while you're enjoying your hot shower. It was especially helpful when I had a cold the week of Christmas.

+ Divvying up chores as a family: We find that it's necessary within our home to divvy up weekly & daily house chores. We've done this since we first got married. On Sunday, Luke cleans the bathroom & sweeps all the floors. I pick up around the house & complete odd jobs. I always cook, washing dishes along the way, and he finishes clean up after we've eaten. This definitely helps our home & marriage run smoother. One should never be solely responsible for the cleaning responsibilities within the home - it will surely leave you depleted & exhausted if so.

Here are a handful of changes I'd love to make this year:
+ Purchase more from the bulk bin
+ Make some of my own beauty care products
+ Waste less & bring my own jars/bags to the grocery store to reduce food packaging

What are some changes you have made or hope to make within your own home? I'd love to read your thoughts!


P.S. Grove Collaborative's offer is only good until Monday, January 8th, so make sure to grab your FREE cleaning kit full of happy Mrs. Meyer's cleaning goodies soon! Click here to sign up right now!


Hannah said...

I LOVE buying spices, nuts and grains, and baking supplies in the bulk foods section! So much cheaper and lest waste especially for spices! I know there's Whole Foods, but do you know of any other local stores with a good bulk section?

Neha Padole said...

Is the Groves collaborative offer valid for international shipping?

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