Winter Skin Regimen & Dry Brushing

As I inch closer & closer to 30, I realize just how important it is to take care of my skin. I took for granted my soft, dewy skin of my earlier 20s & now I'm met with dry patches & hormonal acne - ack!

Thankfully I've found a few practices that have significantly helped my skin & I wanted to share those with you today!

1. Drink water, cut down on coffee: I know, I know. It's tough to read, but it's true! I enjoy my coffee just as much as the next person, but I was replacing my need for water with caffeine far too often. It was a nasty cycle, but one I am slowly overcoming. In the middle of the day when tiredness starts to kick in, I reach for water with lemon instead of coffee with cream & it shows in my skin. To encourage your water habit, keep a pretty glass pitcher next to your desk during the day. Fill it with fresh mint, cucumber or citrus for extra flavor & fill up your glass/sip as you work. 

2. Dry brush: I've fallen in love with dry brushing, y'all. It's a practice I am especially enjoying during the winter months. Just a few minutes of self-care really does make a difference when it's so cold & dark outside. It's rejuvenating, meditative & even helps reduce dry skin while increasing circulation! 

I got my body brush & my face dry brush from my shop, Freckled Hen Farmhouse. I love them because they're made of natural materials & handcrafted in Sweden by artisans with visual impairments - an incredible product with an even more amazing mission. 

Here's a quick step-by-step on dry brushing:

Face: 1. Thoroughly clean your face, rinse & allow to completely dry. 2. Once dry, begin gently brushing your face by starting at your neck. Work your way up to your forehead, using upward motions on your neck, chin & forehead. 3. Once you arrive to your cheeks & nose, use counter-clockwise circular motions. 4. When you're finished, apply moisturizer.

Body: 1. Jump into your shower. 2. Start dry brushing at your feet & move up your legs with each long stroke moving towards the heart. 3. Move to your arms & shoulders, moving the brush in the same direction. Pay attention to rough spots, spending just a few brief additional moments on those areas before moving on. 4. Finally, move to your sides, working from your hips to your armpits. 5. Once finished, enjoy a hot shower to remove any extra dead skin. 

Please note: Dry brushing 1-2 x per week is the recommended max.

3. Skin Oil: I used to believe that oil would clog my skin, but I've learned that it does just the opposite. I apply my skin serum to my face & neck twice a day & it has made such a difference in combating dry winter skin. I love the Seriously Glowing Face Serum from Acure & purchase it at Grove Collaborative, but any natural blend of oils will do.

I'd love to read your tips for winter skin & more! Please share in the comments below.



B. Treat said...

I've been curious about this dry brushing trend. Thank you for writing this easy to follow article!

Misti Little said...

Not even 30?? You've done a lot in your 20s! I'm pushing 40 (ugh!) but I'm glad I started moisturizing end my late 20s. I'm upping my game with retinol but I hadn't heard of dry brushing. I need to be better about moisturizing my entire body.

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