Thoughts on Shorts & Why You Should Wear Them

Let's talk about something most of us avoid all summer long -

You know what I am talking about. The pieces of fabric sewn together to hide your rear that never quite fit right, neglect to hide your jiggle & awaken your knees from hibernation.

Shorts & I used to be enemies. And based on conversations I've shared with a handful of my girlfriends, you'd prefer to keep shorts at a distance, too.

But here's the thing, sisters - After about mid-May in the South, it gets real hot. And I can't handle another summer of jeans in 100 degree weather. I know you can't either.

So I am encouraging you this summer to Free the Knees! Embrace your thick thighs, rub some fake tanner on your legs if you have to & wear those darn shorts!

I have been where you are & I still struggle to embrace the jiggle sometimes. 

Just last week I was debating on wearing shorts or leggings on my evening walk with my husband. I was picking apart every flaw in the mirror when my husband turned to me & said, "Dang, girl! Your legs look good." 

I kept the shorts on. 

You know why? Because these legs are training for a 5k race. Because these legs are strong. Because no one picks apart our bodies quite like we pick apart our own. And because my husband sees my beauty when I see my flaws.

Sister, your legs are just fine the way they are right. now. - you deserve to feel comfortable & free this summer no matter your weight, your size or your cellulite.

 If you're still not convinced, here are some tried & true tricks I use to feel shorts ready:

+ Wear cotton or linen - It can be tough to find denim shorts that fit just right so I often lean toward cotton or linen shorts like the ones above. Shorts from American Eagle Outfitters have been my go-to for the last few years because they're breezy & compliment the size of my thighs. I've linked some of my go-to styles here. 

+ Go up a size - Don't be afraid to go up a size. You know the denim shorts that practically stick to your inner thighs? You sit down & rolls just below the hem appear? That's because those shorts suck, not you. Grab a bigger size - it's just a number & that number does not define you or your worth.

+ Self-Tanner - I recently bought a bottle of Neutrogena self-tanner & since then, I've wondered where it's been all of my life. It gives me a nice little glow & puts a pep in my step. Here's the one I love & use every week.

+ Rock a heel - Date night or not, find a fun wedge to rock with your favorite pair of shorts. On days when I am feeling less than confident, I put on a cute pair of shoes with a slight heel & instantly feel better.

+ Just put the darn things on- As they say - fake it until you make it. I promise you, you'll thank yourself for the gift of comfort. And soon, you may even learn to love the shorts - & body - you're in.

I'd love to learn about your shorts journey & any tips you may have to feel short ready. Comment below & share!



Tammie said...

Love love love this and agree 110%.

Katie said...

Thank you! I NEEDED this.

Crafty Cucumber said...

Such an encouraging post. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

San said...

Yes, yes, yes. Thank you - we all need to hear this!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness girl! I just wore shorts for the first time in YEARS! I had to go to Palm Springs and I decided F*#@ this, you only live once. I even told my mom I was inspired by your bikini post. Old Navy has some linen shorts right now that are just the coziest dang things ever. I'm livin free!! Thanks for being such an awesome gal pal for all of us and always cheering everyone on!

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