hello & welcome! my name is natalie & i am so happy you are here! i find joy in the everyday moments & share them in this space. 

when i am not writing in this space or photographing our days, you will find me sewing in my home studio, knitting with good friends, or gardening. 

i have been writing on this blog for over six years & this space has grown with me as i have moved from home-to-home & state-to-state. when i began, i was a sophomore in college dating my soon-to-be husband, luke. i never knew i would continue writing & photographing the everyday beauty of our adventures together.

soon after luke & i met, we fell in love. we married at the ages of 19 & 20 while still finishing our college degrees. that year i learned to use a camera & photographed our lives with an old film camera from my mom. we lived in a little attic apartment we called "the tree house." we lived next door to a community garden. there, in that little home, we fell in love with gardening & leading a quiet life.

eventually we moved from our little one bedroom, attic apartment into a lovely downtown home. we transformed our front lawn into beds of swiss chard, salad greens & kale. we shared meals around the table with good friends & bicycled while holding hands. two years into marriage, we graduated with our undergraduate degrees. we were deeply rooted in our columbia, missouri community, but soon after graduation we uprooted ourselves & moved back to our home state of arkansas for a job in sustainable agriculture.

we wandered that year, trying to find friends and a sense of place. we built raised beds in our backyard & raised our first flock of chickens. we grew deeper in love with the land, but the town just didn't feel right. after 10 months of struggling, we moved 60 miles north to fayetteville, arkansas. 

we found refuge in fayetteville. we found home. we settled down, grew a garden & lived life to its absolute fullest. i overcame my fear of the sewing machine & began making things with bits of fabric & thread.

out of nowhere, without even really searching, the farm fell into our laps. we had always dreamed of owning a piece of land, but never would we have ever imagined that it would happen so soon. we bought our first home & freckled hen farm in july of 2013. 

here we raise dairy goats, a large flock of chickens & a vegetable garden. we have big dreams for this plot of land. we are smitten with our farm life. on any given weekend, you will find us completing home projects & turning this old brick home into a charming farmhouse. 

we hope you will continue following along on our adventures as i share the everyday beauty in farming, homemaking, crafting & so much more.

have a question or thought? please email me at natalie.j.freeman{at}gmail.com


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