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In this space, I try to be optimistic. I write, mostly, of inspirations, of good days & of lovely encounters with others. Lets be honest, though- none of these things have been a part of my life these past few weeks. I've gone through the routines of daily life without feelings, without appreciating. I've only felt sad & lonely.
Walking down to the creek, I felt broken & unworthy. But- walking into the freezing water, I looked around & realized all that I had forgotten. During my baptism, as my body was pushed under & then lifted back up again, I felt the weight of my sin lifted. Once again, I was forgiven & forever I will be. As life becomes hectic & filled with "must do's" & "need to do's," I push Him away first, but he never does- He celebrates who I am & loves unconditionally.
I am thankful.

I am thankful for His love, His immeasurable beauty, His forgiveness.
I am thankful for my family, my {friends}, my {love}.
I am thankful for expression of art- beading, photography, writings.
I am thankful for the harvesting of the earth, good food, & creative adventures into a simpler life.

thank you all for reading.


Luke Freeman said...

Natalie, this is so beautiful and so true. These have definitely been the darkest days in our relationship so far. But after this dry season in our lives, let's begin anew. Let's seek Him, our source of life and love. And turn to each other, building the foundation for the lifetime we will spend together. There is so much beauty in this world that our Father has made. May we experience it!

with love,

Tori said...

gossssh we have so much to catch up on it seems : (
i love you!

j.linneman said...

my friend, i'm so sorry to have missed this beautiful experience. i would love to hear more about it soon. :)

Julia said...

I can definitely relate, Natalie. I too find myself getting caught up in the easy flow of life and forgetting my happiness is right there, all around me, all the time--God. It is so wonderful He never gives up!

Keep pressing in!

Jess said...

this is a wonderful reminder . . . I, too, am so quick to push Him away when I feel busy, or stressed, or sad. I've been feeling lonely, too, so it's good to read your inspiring words.
thank you, Natalie.

j.linneman said...


Anna said...

I .as your mother have taught you only to be in a hurry not to slow down and enjoy. I am trying to learn from you.Slow down, enjoy life, breathe in and enjoy everything life has to give. We are so blessed to be a child of God!

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