honey moonin'

{this photo is now in my wallet :) }

{local jams at harvest moon art shop in hot springs, nc}

{they matched. a barn with license plates on a mountain in hot springs, nc}

{local sunflowers outside of harvest moon art shop in hot springs, nc}

{eric legge on chicken alley in asheville, nc}

I sometimes feel this huge guilt of becoming a "bad" blogger, but then I realize that it is okay because I am living life instead of blogging about it. in the last month, I have married my love, traveled to north carolina & tucked myself away in the mountains, moved into our first home, & I have also started classes. So, in the midst of mentally putting down myself for not blogging in a week, I remember that I have an incredible husband at home who would really like to spend time with me. so, I am over that guilt.
but- I would really like for life to slow down a tad bit. the seasons are slowly changing, the days shorter, & the mornings cooler. abby over at her {blog} made a plan for fall. 

I have a small one for myself, too:
+ make apple butter & apple sauce with sandy's seconds at the farmer's market
+knit a scarf instead of purchasing one
+wear leggings & lots of boots
+go pumpkin picking
+watch a movie at home & drink apple cider with luke

what's your plan?



Tori said...

aww, these are so awesome!
natalie you've come so far in your photography : )

i want to hear more about the moooon! i love you

Luke Freeman said...

Babe, these might be your most solid set of pictures posted yet. Tori is right--you are certainly growing as a photographer. The photo of Eric Legge is my favorite. That is a portrait I would be very proud to have taken.

I'm still thinking about my fall list, but I am certainly looking forward to watching a movie and drinking hot cider while snuggled up in bed with you. I'm also really looking forward to being able to wear scarves and sweaters. They are probably my favorite clothes.

your husband

kwhip said...

Can I help you make apple butter? It always sounds so fun!

Also, I love these photos. The one with the little cat is my favorite.

And I am FOR SURE going pumpkin picking with you.

Anonymous said...

I've discovered your blog recently, but I see you as such nice people, I have to tell you: good luck, with everything, x

Darci said...

Hi Natalie! I've been reading your blog quietly for a while, and would love to share some of your wedding pics on my blog. If you're interested, please just shoot me an email (and congratulations)! darci(at)withthisringblog(dot)com

shari said...

i agree. love these photos. your fall plan sounds nice too.

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