{evening light}

over a month ago, luke & I made our first trip to the farmer's market together since the first few weeks of the market opening. now that he works at the bakery, he has to be there too early & works until after it closes. I usually go with a friend or by myself, but this weekend was particularly special because I was with him. it reminded me of the previous summer, when we were dating, & our weekly trips to the market. we didn't miss the fresh produce & flowers for anything! it was my favorite part of the week; I would pick him up, we'd bring along our canvas bags & fill them to the brim with delicious food while talking & enjoying the warm breeze of summer mornings.
well, on our special farmer's market morning, he bought me these beautiful flowers which I cut & placed all around the house. one evening, before cooking dinner, I caught the light so perfectly on the petals & the light blue of the mason jar & it made me smile. sometimes I forget how beautiful life can be. in food, in art, in people- we see glimpses of beauty. let's celebrate it.



Shalini said...

I always love to bring back flowers from the farmers markets!

Luke Freeman said...

beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Fresh flowers on a table brighten the mood of the home!

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