a trip!

hello, dear readers!
i feel refreshed & renewed. luke & i just got back from our trip to southern missouri {lebanon if anyone is familiar} to see luke's family & talk about the past year & goals for 2010. it was such a nice trip. we played several board games, constructed origami figures & ate many delicious meals. early one morning, luke & i took our cameras out-and-about to find a breathtaking scene of golden fields, bare branches, & a frozen pond covered in a foggy stillness. on our way back to the cabin, as the sun rose higher in the sky, a warm light diffused into the sky to illuminate the fog & leave a golden embrace around us. it was the perfect ending to our winter break & a great beginning to our new semester with classes. i am really looking forward to my beginning fibers class. our units include dying fabric {which we start tomorrow!}, basket weaving, book binding, & paper making. i have a feeling that i will use this class as my little oasis in the midst of piles of books & papers in my other classes.

well, i hope your weekend was wonderful. it is so good to be back! enjoy your day, friends!



Anonymous said...


Tori said...

oh wow the photos are beautiful! looks like a lovely trip indeed! i'm glad you guys were able to complete your break this way. I feel like i had a similar experience with the ending of mine(in feeling, not necessarily experience, if that makes sense : ] )

i love you babbby.
can't wait to hear about your classes when you call me today!

[this is the blooood that we're made of!]

Andrea said...

lovely pics! sounds like such a fun & peaceful trip :)

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Your photography is just beautiful. I hope you share with us the pictures of the baskets you will be weaving in your class.

Jess said...

the fog and the trees! oh my!

shari said...

gorgeous photos. just perfect!

Liz said...

I come back to look at these photos again and again....so perfectly soothing and peaceful.

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