war eagle girls' weekend 2014

every year we anticipate the third weekend of october when we drop all responsibility & head to eureka springs for war eagle weekend!

we shop, we eat & drink, we laugh, we cry, we make memories & we have fun!

i always share snapshots from our trip (see 2008,  2011 , 2012 & 2013) & this year's no different.

- the good: i scored some good junk, we ate bags of kettle corn, the weather was dreamy & we drank a glorious amount of margaritas.

- the bad: mom broke her knee cap two days before our trip & drove a scooter the entire weekend. jesus take the wheel, it was hilarious! #memories.

- the ugly: i was gluten-free (no craft fair corn dog for me. sad face.) & we didn't spend all of our money. whaaaaat?! 

do you have a girls' weekend tradition? please share!

p.s. happy halloween!


Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson said...

My mom, her mom, and I always go Christmas cookie/treat shopping at the churches in my small town. We go early, it's super cold (Minnesota), and we have a blast! Afterward, we eat brunch at the tea shop in town. I love it!

Amber said...

What is a war eagle?

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