my stitch fix #2!

my week was made when a pretty cardboard & teal box arrived at my doorstep. dear ones, i am officially a stitch fix addict! 

it's like christmas every time that pretty box arrives! luke even joined in on the fun & helped me photograph all of my cute pieces! today i thought i'd share how i styled each piece & what i kept. 

spoiler alert: i kept everything! yay! 

1. the classic jean jacket: i requested a classic jean jacket that i could pair with every outfit during the fall season & i got just that. my stylist, mia, sent me a simple denim jacket with big pockets. she suggested i pair my jacket with the maxi dress i received in my last fix & while i would have never paired these two together, i love the edgy look. that's what i love about Stitch Fix - it gets me out of my comfort zone!

2. the green puffy vest: in my second fix, i also requested a puffy vest for layering. this puffy vest is seriously perfect. it has fun pockets & a shiny gold zipper. i love pairing it with a simple long-sleeve top, brown ankle boots & my patchy jeans. i know i will wear this with everything. 

3. the black & white bib top: for this fix, i also requested tops i could wear during the fall season. hands to the heavens, my stylist found a bib top that actually fits my large chest! i could just kiss mia, i love her so! my people, i've already rocked this top at church with my boots & i received about 2,000 compliments. those jeans are my magic jeans from my last fix & they pair perfectly with all of my new tops, too. yay!

4. the snoozefest top: this top was my least favorite piece from my fix, but i kept it anyway because it fits well & was worth it (aka free) given the 25% discount when you buy the entire fix. i paired it with my red clogs for a pop of color. i know i will wear this to work, but it's nothin' special. 

5. my favorite boho top ever: i squealed when i opened the box & found this top inside. my people, it has mustard yellow embroidered detailing! eeep! it fits perfectly & is just so "me." i paired it with my boyfriend-style jeans, a fun noonday necklace & moccasins for a boho look. i can't wait to wear this outfit tomorrow!

have you tried stitch fix yet? i'd love to know what you think!

if you haven't tried out stitch fix, click here - Stitch Fix - & get started!! it's so worth it to have pieces that fit well & make you feel like a million bucks no matter your size!



Misti said...

I almost did a Stitch Fix the other night but the price just had me debating if it was worth it. I ended up on Thred Up as I've had good luck finding items I love there twice before.

Maybe I'll bite the SF bullet one day!

natalie said...

Mitsi - I, too, had a hard time with prices at first. I then decided to just go for it. Since going with SF, I haven't really shopped at all because I am able to find pieces that really work & I can wear all of the time. So, I guess I am saving money now! :)

Cassie said...

What is the name of the jeans from the first fix? thanks!

Junque Rethunque said...

I feel sure that snoozefest top just needs some accessorizing - free is the best price!

Anonymous said...

Ok I know it's from the first round but that maxi dress looks AMAZING on you, it's so slimming and fun!

lily0182 said...

I'm also interested in the specifics on the Liverpool jeans! Thanks!

Beth said...

Please share where you got your purse in the second picture! It's amazing!

Her said...

What fabric are the shirts? I really love them and would like to request them in my next Fix.
Thanks for keeping me excited about Stitch Fix!

Denise Capek said...

Hi Natalie! You look amazing! That is all... :) Have a great day!!

Colleen Mole said...

I wouldn't normally comment on a "style" post (since I'm lacking in the style department), but man that maxi dress w/jean jacket makes your waist look tiny in the best way! It's definitely my favorite of the outfits you posted. ;)

Lindsay said...

Everything looks so cute on you! I signed up for Stitch Fix several months ago and cancelled after one fix because I didn't love anything I got and I couldn't even believe the prices! I'm curious for your take on that because I was coming off almost exclusively thrifting for my clothes, so the sticker shock was crazy! I ended up keeping one shirt that was honestly only "meh" for me, because I didn't want to just lose $20, but the shirt alone was $40 and it was the cheapest piece! The entire box would have been over $300. I'm just curious how you budget for that, since you've shared that you guys stick to a strict budget. My husband and I only budget $40 each every two weeks for spending money, so an entire fix would be almost 4 months of saving up!

Rebekah said...

My first fix is scheduled to arrive on Monday and I am like a kid waiting for Christmas. I did peek at what's been sent when I received my shipping confirmation and was able to find pictures for all but 1 of the items and unless the fit ends up being just awful or the fabrics are terrible, there's a good chance I'm going to want to keep everything, too!

Anonymous said...

Because my last three Fixes were total duds, I love seeing people get boxes they love.

Diane Hutchings said...

I'm so sad they don't do plus sizes. Your clothes look fun!

Becky Davis said...

Love this! Might you share your style card ?

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