my one word for 2016

unannounced, in 2013, i chose joy.

the act of choosing a word & living it out has changed me in more ways than i can count. some years i have lived & breathed my word each & every day. in 2014, i chose quality & my rhythm of life was forever changed. i created the #dressinhappinessdaily project (learn more here), brought women together over coffee each week & dug deep into our marriage. 

other words have lingered for only a bit & resurfaced at the end of the year, revealing their power in ways i hadn't really noticed at first glance. in 2015, i chose pursuit & honestly, i forgot about it until deep into december. upon reflection, though, my focus for the year has indeed been pursuit. i pursued my work, my community & my health with earnest & intention.

in 2016, i choose present. 

adjective, 1. in a particular place... here, near, available, at hand.
noun, 1. the period of time now occurring... now, today, the present time/moment.

2015 was a busy year. 2016 will be an even busier year. we are birthing a big & beautiful venture into this world, full of sweat, grit & heart. we are doing this together & i can't quite even predict the efforts & work to come.

but i do know this - i want to be present. i want to be present with my family, with myself & with my community. 

in 2015, months flew by literally unnoticed. i spent a few weeks in 2015 experiencing some of my darkest fears, realizing if i don't quite slow down & press pause, i will leave this life having not fully lived it. 

so in 2016, i am working harder & pressing pause to enjoy it. i will take full advantage of my working hours yet slow down each night to pick up a book & read. i will pick up my camera & capture our fleeting family moments. i will say no to distractions in order to say yes to the people & opportunities & things that mean the most to our family. 

friends, i am excited for the work, adventure & experiences of 2016. and i am thrilled to be present for each & every one of them.

what is your word for 2016? please share!


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I look forward to seeing your blog posts and what new things you and Luke have going on in your lives. My word for 2016 is simplify. I am probably more excited for this year than any before. I look forward to seeing how my little word comes into fruition.

Emily Adams said...

My word is nourish - I need to feed my soul, my home, and some creative endeavors I keep talking about! Happy New Year.

Castle S said...

After years of pain and fear and numbness (surprisingly they can and do co-exist) i have been praying for God to breathe life back into my heart. He has been gracious to do so, but like frozen fingers that sting as they start to thaw, I have gone through a year of much stinging and pain that I had to learn to walk through rather than run from. But now I am ready for more...more of Him, in a new way. Though my circumstances have not changed, my focus has my word for 2016 is JOY. Joy in Him, from Him (Psalm 16:11). I have much anticipation for what this year may bring, release or just be.

A said...

I would highly recommend the collection of reflections by Thich Naht Hahn called Your True Home. It has a reflection each day on being at home in the present moment. It has changed my life.

I'll get thinking about a word, great idea! Peace to you.

Andy said...

i love your word. it was mine for 2014
excite to see and hear how you are more present in this 2016 year.

Tulle and Torts said...

My word this year is balance - to bring balance to my work/home life, to balance my health and to balance emotional self with more yoga and attention to self-care. Good luck this year!

Crafty Cucumber said...

I have chosen a direction for the year: Now is Now, which is all about being more present and enjoying the day I am in, the moment right in front of me. It is a hard thing to do as a working mother with endless responsibilities, but I know all too well how necessary it is. So far things are going well and I can see some small changes in my days and my perspective...I wish you well and look forward to reading about how you are staying more present in your life.

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