best of 2012

i painted this watercolor a few days ago not realizing it's real significance on this past year's happenings & the amazing adventures of 2012. it's true. life is a daring adventure full of good & not so great, joy & heartbreak, loss & gain & above all else- so much love.

i want to share some of the highlights of my year with you. this is one of my favorite posts to write because it reminds me of where luke & i have been & where we are going. sometimes life feels a little stagnate & aimless, but reflecting on our year reveals to me that we're headed in the right direction although the path may be a little curvy at times. 


the very beginnings of print:: a year in film, a trip to madison where we fell in love with the people & the place, a family retreat in a cabin where we made goals & began anew


our first (& only) snow of the year, finally feeling at home in our new town, celebrating love with a homemade heart t-shirt, attending our favorite documentary film festival with the best of friends


planting seeds in our raised beds, writing at tend once more, collecting our first eggs (!!) from the coop, beginning my first full-time job post graduation


celebrating spring & being ok with me, hanging my first show in columbia, sharing my birthday with my favorite person


our beautiful spring garden, wild blackberry bushes found behind our fence, strawberry pickings for jam


the beginnings of instagram with a bowl full of cherry tomatoes, heartbreak at the loss of two of our chickens to the heat of the summer, deciding to move to luke's hometown on faith & a spark of hope


missing luke but adjusting slowly to the distance, a trip to denver, finding balance in our new community, celebrating summer with a squawk & pop social


celebrating three years with the perfect homemade card, celebrating once more with friends for luke's birthday! we love august festivities!


settling into our new home, finding my rhythm in the kitchen once more after the long summer heat, an exciting sunday afternoon of applesauce makings, finally finding where i belong in my work life


catching the knitting bug & completing my first knitted hat, our annual war eagle trip, adding little dandy to our family


the blur of november. an unforgettable trip down the coast of california, celebrating obama's win at the LA watch party with dear friends, slowing down for thanksgiving with full hearts

photo by keely yount photography 

an amazingly successful show , slowing down to enjoy this holiday season with sweet friends & family, looking forward to what adventures are ahead

oh, thank you so much for following along throughout this year. it wouldn't be as sweet & as creative without you in it! happy, happy new year to you! 2013 has so many good things in store!



Rajdeep said...

This post brought me happiness and calm. Thank you.

Happy New Year!

Daniela B. said...

Happy new year from Italy :-) Daniela

Stephanie Morsch said...

Hi! I read in January you visited Madison. I'm from Madison! I've been following your blog and IG for a little while now. One day in maybe Nov(?) I saw a guy that looked a lot like your husband, whom I recognized from your blog. Was he by chance visiting around that time? I just thought it was fun to have possibly seen in person someone I've seen in a blog. Thanks for posting your photos are inspiring. Happy New Year!

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